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Pharmaceutical & Sludge & Vinasse & Blast Furnace & Coal & Fertilizer Rotary Dryer

  • Shanghai, China
  • 50/Y
  • L/C, T/T
  • Q-250M
  • for Coal Slag Drying
  • Forchemical Industry, Mineral, Metallurgical Dryin
  • Rotary Type Drier
  • Parallel Flow
  • Rotary Atomization
  • Air-Flowing Type
  • Sludge, Paste, Slag
  • S
  • Naked Packaging
  • CE ISO
  • Jiangsu Changzhou
  • 8419399090
  • Fixed
  • Transmission
  • Inactive Gas
  • Atmospheric Dryer
  • Continuous
  • for Pharmaceutical Slag Drying
The is widely used in the field of building materials, metallurgies, chemical industry, cement and so on. It can dry slag, coal powder, mining powder, clay, sand, limestone and so on. This dryer is suitable for chemical industry, mineral, metallurgical and so on for he drying of big particles, drying raw materials that have large proportion.Such as ore, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, sulfur ammonium phosphate fertilizer, sludge, coal slurry, etc.
It can also for powdery and granular materials with special requirements to drying.Such as: GP slag foaming agent, vinasse slag, light calcium carbonate, active white earth, magnetic powder, graphite, and pharmaceutical slag etc.

This rotary dryer is with reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient for transportation.

Rotary dryers consist of a horizontally inclined rotating cylinder. Material is fed at one end and discharged at the other end. In direct-type rotary dryers, hot gases move through the cylinder in direct contact with the material, either with or against the direction of its flow. The cylinder is equipped with flights, which lift the material and shower it down through the hot gas stream.
The Rotary dryers has been optimized a lot , which possesses the following characteristics :
1. The internal adopts assembled structure which has improved the accuracy of the equipment and it is easy to transport and install.
2. According to the characteristics of different fertilizers ,we have arranged the second granulation zone reasonably so as to improve the granulation effect .
3. Adopts assembled hoist board so as to exchange heat fully and lower the energy consumption .
4. Temperature induction monitor ,uniform vibration and airproof setting , which improve performance and productivity efficiently .
5. The assorted combustion furnace is a type of energy-efficient and has the characteristics of smaller area ,easy regulation and equipped with greenhouse.
Specific-ations(m) Capacity(t/h) Main motor Main gear box Weight(t)
Power(kw) Model Model Speed reduction ratio
Ø1.2*10 2.5 7.5 160M-R3 ZL50-16-I ----- 13.5
Ø1.5*12 3.3-4.9 10 160L-6-B3 JZQ500-III-2F ----- 18.9
Ø1.5*15 4-6 18.5 200L1-6 JZQ500-III-2F ----- 21
Ø1.8*12 4-6 18.5 160L-6 ZQ50-16II-2 16.46 22.83
Ø2.2*12 7-12 18.5 200L7-6 JZQ650-III 31.5 37.6
Ø2.2*14 7-12 22 200L7-6 JZQ650-III 31.5 40
Ø2.2*16 12 30 225M-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 45
Ø2.4*14 12 30 250M-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 51
Ø2.4*18 10-13 37 250M-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54
Ø2.4*20 10-14 37 250N-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54.14
Ø3*20 25 55 250M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 78
Ø3*25 32-36 75 280M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 104.9

Pharmaceutical & Sludge & Vinasse & Blast Furnace & Coal & Fertilizer Rotary Dryer

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