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Mine Sludge Drying Treatment Dryer

  • Shanghai, China
  • 30units/Year
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • KJ-41
  • Continuous
  • for Drying Paste, Particle, Powder, Slurry.
  • Transport Drier
  • Sludge
  • Parallel Flow
  • Gas Atomization
  • Air-Flowing Type
  • SYQ
  • Strong Export Packaging Carton for Export
  • Shanghai
  • 8433909090
  • Combined
  • Gas Atomization
  • Contra-Flow
  • Convective
  • Inactive Gas
  • Atmospheric Dryer
This equipment is desined for drying or dehydration of sludge treatment for the manufacturing of mineral, chemical, food, and metallurgical industry.

Performs the process of drying, cooling, heating, sterilizing, reacting and combustion under low temperature
Special stirring and heating transferring blade, makes high heat transferring efficiency, and provides online cleaning function.
Special chock shaped stirring and heat transferring blade has high heating efficiency and self-cleaning function of the heating transferring surface
Hollow chock shaped blades are concentrated on the hollow shaft
Heat media flows through blade from hollow shaft
Heat transferring area in the effective volume is very high
Temperature range of heating media is -40 to 320°C
It might be steam or liquid state, such as steam and thermal oil
Indirect heating, there's no heat carried out by air
Heat is utilized for drying the material except lost of heat insulation layers
Surface of chock shaped blade has self-cleaning function
Relative movements of product particles and chocked shaped surface might clean the material attached to chock shaped surface, so to keep the cleanliness of heat transferring surface during working
Shell of hollow blade dryer is Ω shape
2 or 4-piece of hollow stirring shaft are usually equipped in the shell
To avoid any leakage of material, there're sealed terminal cover and top cover with the shell
Heat transferring media flow through the rotation connector, jacket's shell and hollow stirring shaft
Ensures best transferring effect, hollow stirring shaft adopts different interior structure in accordance with different heating media.
Welcome to send us your specific requirments and you'll get our quick response. We'll design the dryer package for you exactlly according to your requests.
Thank you.

No. Name Qty Material Remark
1 Principle axis 2 assembly
2 Blade 2 SUS304
3 Mainframe below body 1 assembly QJ-41
4 Mainframe upper body 1 assembly QJ-41
5 Padding foundation 4 assembly
6 Padding cover 4 assembly
7 Bearing pedestal 4 assembly
8 Master gear 2 45
9 Transmission motor 1 assembly 37 KW
10 Gear reducer 1 assembly ZSY280-90
11 Transmission driving wheel 2 HT200
12 Rotating joint 2 assembly
13 Spillway slab 1 SUS304
14 SRZ steam radiator 80m2 A3
15 Control cabinet 1 assembly

Mine Sludge Drying Treatment Dryer

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