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CE Approved Pharmaceutical Rotary Tablet Press Machinery (ZP35D)

  • Shanghai, China
  • 3000PCS/Y
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • ZP35D
  • Customized
  • New
  • 1 Year
  • It Could Press Max.13diameter Tablets
  • syq
  • Strong Wooden Case for Exporting
  • CE
  • Shanghai
  • 8419820090
  • Preparation Machinery
  • Tablet
  • High Precision
  • CE, GMP, ISO
  • 380V
  • Computerized
ZP35D Rotary Tablet Press Machine (Double press type, for mass production)


This machine is double-press type, continuous automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic industries.

Salient Features

1. Produce all kinds of round tablets and irregular tablets.

2. The outside part of the machine is fully-closed. The material of the cover and the inside table face is stainless steel. The turret face is specially disposed keeping the luster of the face and prevent the cross pollution, meeting the GMP requirement.

3. With the transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly and the windows can be opened, cleaning and maintenance is easier.

4. The lay-out of all the controllers and the operate parts is reasonable.

5. The speed adjustment of the driver is controlled by the frequency conversion device.

6. All the drive devices are located inside the machine so keep the machine clean.

7. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus. When overload occurs, the machine stops automatically.

8. It is mechanical and electrical integration. It is showed by touch-screen(such as speed, capacity and stoppage)

9. The driving system is set in fuel tank under main machine. It is independent parts and is separated safely so that the cross pollution can be prevented and transmission shaft can get full lubricate. There has been a decrease in noise and wear.

10. With dust collector. There is advanced installation that can automatic dismantle dies.

You may also have the other choice: ZPW-31, ZPW-29 for max. 24mm tablets with working capacity of 125000pcs/h, for round tablets and any irregular shaped tablets, With CE approvement.

Application & Features of ZPW29
1 .ZPW29 pill press machine is for pressing dry powder.
2. ZPW29 rotary tablet press is the double-sided rotary press machine. It could press double color and impress sign on both sides.
3 .This machine could press double layer tablet. It could press oval shape, oblong shape, round shape, and other special shape tablet, if the customer change the different die and punches.
4. ZPW29 rotary tablet press is made of stainless steel. The machine meets GMP.
5. Equipped with plexiglass perspective window which could help to observe the status of pressing piece. Side blank could be fully opened, easy to clean and maintain.
6. Frequency changing, speed regulating apparatus are used to regulate. The convenient operation and smooth rotation are safe.
7. Speed and thickness of the machine are adjustable.
8. Equipped with over-load protection apparatus. When overloaded with pressure, the machine will stop automatically.
9. ZPW29 / ZPW31 rotary tablet press can be controlled by PLC, semi-automatically lubricating equipment, anti-dust cover on the upper of revolving table.
10. Transmitting system is sealed in the oil box under the main machine. It is a separate component, no pollution, easy heat dissipation, wear resistance.
11. Powder cleaner could absorb the powder in the piece-pressing room.
12. Easily-damaged components such as upper orbit, material-adding machine, transmitting pole, powder measurer have general structures with ZP33 products which could help to be standard, general and series.

The parameter of ZP-35D, 37D, and 41D
Type ZP35D ZP37D ZP41D
Dies (sets) 35 37 41
Max. Pressure (KN) 80 80 80
Max. dia. of tablet (mm) 13 , irregular16 13 13
Max. Depth of fill (mm) 15 15 15
Thickness of largest tablet (mm) 6 6 6
Turret speed (r/min) 5-36 14-37 14-37
Production capacity (pc/h) 150000 160000 170000
Motor (kW) 4 4 4
Overall dimensions(mm) 980*1240*1690 1230*950*1670 1230*950*1670
Net weight (kg) 570 560 560

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