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Automatic Lifting Pharmaceutical Post Bin Blender

  • 1000/Y
  • Export Standard
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • HTD
  • Customized
  • New
  • 1 Year
  • It Blends Powder and Granules
  • for Chemical Industry Blending
  • Convenient to Change The Bins
  • syq
  • Jiangsu Province
  • 8479820090
  • Preparation Machinery
  • Tablet
  • High Precision
  • CE, GMP, ISO
  • 380V
  • Computerized

It is fully made of stainless steel, GMP standard for pharmaceutical, food, or chemical industry for powder or granules blending. Good preparation for solid medicine manufacturing.

The square shaped hopper can be lifted and lowered automatically for feeding and discharging tasks. One main machine can be configured with multi-bins, so varietal blending can be satisfied, consequently it is considered as the ideal blending equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries etc.Working principle

The equipment is composed of column, frame, slewing fork mounting, driving, braking and control system. When operating, loads the bin on the blending carriage and lock it, and turn on the control system, the blending carriage is automatically raised to the blending height and reliably positioned. The the drive system starts blending task according to the set time and rotation speed. All the set parameters hae been reached, the brake system operates automatically to stop the blending carriage being a horizontal position and the blending task is finished. Then, the lifting system works to lower the bin on the ground and stops automatically on raching that position. Finally data of this batch are printed. Unfasten the nuts of the bin blending fork carriage and move out the bin to transfer it for the next process.

Structrual characteristics of this equipment are: the bin is tilted 30degree as compared with the rotation axis, the materials perform a double movement inside the bin. A constant and intense turn over following the frame rotation and also a relatively high tangential motion along the bin wall to realize an optimal blending effect. PLC, also infrared safety device and a device avoiding disoperation of butterfly valve are designed to ensure a fully automatic control and a safe production. All processes of the material are finished in a same container without frequent materials transfer, changing and shift.

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