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Automatic Peanut Butter Filling Dosing Sealing Vacuum Capping Labeling Packing Line

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This machine is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, daily chemical, oil, veterinary medicine, pesticide and other industries. It is suitable for filling liquid, viscous liquid, paste and sauce products. Such as cooking oil, honey, tomato sauce, rice wine, seafood sauce, chili sauce, mushroom sauce, peanut butter, lubricants, laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo, pesticides and other materials. The contact parts with the materials are made of high quality 316L stainless steel, in line with GMP standards.
A special pneumatic three-way valve and a filling valve are used for the granular sauce material, and the material tank is designed with a stirring device to prevent the material from solidifying.


  1. adopts imported servo motor to drive the piston volume barrel to realize metering filling

  2. Three-way filling valve, compact and reasonable design, simple and beautiful appearance

  3. It is simple and convenient to change the specifications and adjust the filling amount directly on the touch screen;

  4. Automatically feeding the bottles, filling, and conveying bottles out, no bottle will not fill.

  5. The filling amount is accurate and has a counting function

  6. PLC & touch screen control

  7. Electrical components are made with international brands, ensuring excellent quality and consistent performance;

  8. It is equipped with a filling head that prevents dripping and drawing, and ensures no dripping after filling

  9. The submerged filling system is configured to ensure that the filling process does not foam and prevent the filling from overflowing.

  10. Sanitary valve pipe, quick connection, easy to disassemble and install.

Technical Parameters

Number of filling heads 4
Dosing range 50-1000ml or 500-3000ml
Filling accuracy ±1% (>100ml)
Production capacity (calculated in 500ml) 500-1000 bottles / hour
Air source pressure 0.5-0.7mpa
Air consumption 30L/t
Total power 2.0KW
Weight 500 kg
Dimensions (length * width * height) 4000 × 1100 × 2300mm

Automatic Peanut Butter Filling Dosing Sealing Vacuum Capping Labeling Packing Line

Rotary bottle unscrambler

The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to make the bottle or the jar enter the conveyer belt in sequence under the action of rotary tangential force , and is matched with the packaging production line , thereby achieving the aim of saving labor and improving work efficiency , and the suitable container range could be tinplate cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles , or polyester bottles and etc. The main parts of the machine are made of high - quality SS304 stainless steel and conform to GMP requirements .

Technical parameters:

Can/jar diameter range 127mm(could be adjustable by 80mm-130mm)
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz; single phase
Power of the machine 0.75KW
Overall dimensions 1560×1006×1200mm
Speed control Frequency control

Automatic vacuum capping machine

This machine is suitable for vacuum capping of 3/4 screw tinplate lid in food jar, beverage, condiment, health food and other industries. It is equipped with automatic feeding caps, putting caps on the bottle, and automatic vacuuming & capping. No bottle no cover and automatic alarm for lack of caps.

Main technical parameters:

Applicable bottle diameter 30- 85mm
Applicable bottle height 80-250mm
Applicable cap φ38- 55mm
Capping speed 10-30 bottles/min
Air source pressure 0.6~0.8 mpa
Air consumption 100 l/min
Power supply AC380 v, 50 hz
Total power 3.5 kw
G. Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 3500×1000×1900 (length x width x height) mm

This filling machine could fill plastic bottles or glass jars.

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