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Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine

  • Shanghai, China
  • 500
  • L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union
  • 120
  • Vibration Counting
  • Chute Lifting
  • Bottle
  • Plastic
  • 0.5kw
  • Work Together with The Automatic Counting Line
  • SYQ
  • Woodend Case
  • 50-120bottles per min
  • Shanghai
  • 8433909090
  • Count Filling Machine
  • Automatic
  • Tablets, Capsules, Pills
  • Multi-Head
  • Multi-Room Feeding
  • Capacity Cup
This machine is an automatic desiccant filling machine, which works with the automatic tablet/capsule/pill counting machine to be an automatic packing line.
This working line includes: bottle unscrambler- tablet/capsule counter- desiccant filling machine- capping machine- aluminum foil sealing machine- labeling machine etc.

Working principle of the desiccant filler

The bottle cylinder on the bottle conveying track will be transferred by the upper

equipment to the place where the desiccant is loaded. The bottle mouth should be
aligned with the cutting device. Stepper motor driver to send bag, pull the desiccant
bags from the desiccant bags plate frame, color standard sensors desiccant bags and
controls the length of bag, scissors, cut the desiccant bag, bottle, bottle conveying
mechanism of the conveyor belt dryer will have been loaded into the bottle conveying to
the next device, at the same time, added to the bottle of desiccant filling the position of
the desiccant bags.

The main features
(1) strong compatibility, suitable for various specifications, various materials of round, flat, square, flat square bottle.
(2) color label, colorless label disc bag desiccant bag;
(3) pre-release desiccant belt design is adopted to avoid uneven delivery of bag and bag and ensure the accuracy of bag length control.
(4) the bag placement adopts the self-adaptive design of desiccant bag thickness to avoid the occurrence of broken bag in the process of transmission.
(5) high durable knife edge, accurate and reliable shearing, will not cut the desiccant bag;
(6) it has several monitoring and alarm control functions, such as no working without bottles, fault self-inspection, no entering of desiccant bag into bottles, etc., to ensure the continuity of equipment operation and the accuracy of desiccant bag stuffing;
(7) fully automatic operation, intelligent joint control with upper and lower processes, good coordination, no need for specially-assigned operation, labor saving;
(8) Chinese or Chinese control panel, can store 10 groups of varieties of parameters, adjustment, use is particularly convenient.
(9) the control chip is originally imported from the United States and the photoelectric sensor is manufactured in Taiwan. It is stable and durable.

Technical parameters:
Applicable bottle type round, flat, square, flat square bottle
Desiccant bag tray desiccant bag, specific size according to the size of the bottle
Production capacity 50 ~ 120 bottles/min
Power and power AC220V 50Hz 0.5kw
Air 0.6 Mpa
Overall dimension 1600×750×1780mm
Weight 130 kg

Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine

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