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WDG Production Line



Three shapes of WDG Granules:

1) Round granules.  We can use whirl fluid bed granulator to make it.

2) Strip shaped granules. Use production line.

3) Pellets. Use production line.


The Processing For The WDG


This production line consists:  Mixing, Granulating, Drying, Sieving.


Step 1: mixing different powder materials and binder uniformly (common pharmaceutical mixer: High shear mixer or trough mixer)

Step 2: granulating by extruding granulator, we can get strip granules. (common pharmaceutical equipment: Extruding granulator)

Step 3: transferring the strip damp granules to the dryer for drying (common drying equipment: vibrating fluid bed dryer, vertical fluid bed dryer. If want to get round shape , it should rolling the ball first and then dry )

Step 4:  Sieving by a sifter. (Screening Equipment: Vibrating sieve)


Working Process by equipment

Raw material Weighing -----Drying Mixing (Dry material by V mixer)--- Hammer mill ---Wet Mixing(wet materials by trough mixer or higher shear mixer)---Granulating ----Drying(FBD)---sieving(by vibrating screener)

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