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Intelligent Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

  • Shanghai, China
  • 4000/Y
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • KY-5C
  • Non-Customized
  • New
  • 1 Year
  • 1450*710*950
  • 120kg
  • 1cbm
  • for Frozen Food, Chocolate, Baked Products etc
  • syq
  • Export Standard Wooden Case
  • 2.5-3m
  • Shanghai
  • 8422303090
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery
  • Tablets,Granules, Food
  • High Precision
  • CE, GMP, ISO
  • 380V
  • Computerized
This model is designed and widely used in production line for automatically testing and separating metal materials including fe, non fe, copper, aluminum and etc residues which will contaminate the food.

Detection and separation method:

Metal detector is the device,which detects products in the conveyor belt on
transmission lines via electromagnetic fields. When the detected value over
the metal signal, the output alarms if mixed with metal or makes order
signal to remove it by selector.

The contaminated material is automatically detected and automatically separated to the waste bin or platform using a lifting belt
Intelligent metal detector
Main material Stainless steel
Height of conveyor 680+50(according to site condition)
Max. Width of products to be detected 300mm
Max. Height of products to be detected 80mm
Weight of products to be detected <5kg
Testing method Digital intelligent
Operation panel English
Commissioning method Automatic
Memory 100
function Automatically set
Conveying speed About 25M/min
Optimum detection sensitivity.
Description: the actual detection sensitivity varies with the product being detected
Fe: φ0.7mm
CU: φ1.2mm
SUS304: φ1.5mm
Alarm Alarm and stop automatically. The screen indicates that there is metal detected
Detecting environment No large power interference source, no large movement metal interference


The advanced DSP process chip, intelligent operating system, high sensitivity, high stability, strong anti-interference ability and adaptability; dual signal detection circuit, accurate detection of ferrous and non ferrous metal impurities, according to the size of metal display different induction; adaptation in damp, high temperature and low temperature working environment, simple the removable type frame, convenient cleaning; in accordance with the HACCP system, related technical indicators of QS system and ISO system;;, conveyor and pallet with white non-toxic materials that meet the FDA standard; waterproof IP65.

Specific features include the following:

1. easy operation
(1) convenient operation by degital operation panel in English.
(2) all the testing parameters could be automatically set up .
(3) when you change the product, you can adjust it to the product you have already recorded .

2. wide range of applications
(1) suitable for all kinds of food (including aquatic products, frozen food, puffed food, salted food, etc.), drugs, plastics, chemicals, textiles and other metals that need to be detected;
(2) suitable for high temperature (up to 70 degrees, the standard configuration is 40 degrees) and low temperature (minimum 20 degree, standard of-10 degrees), wet, dry, dust, dew and other various poor working conditions (poor working environment before ordering).
(3) record a variety of different detection products (standard configuration for 12 kinds), inspection parameters and inspection records, frequent replacement of different testing products, the situation is most simple and convenient operation
(4) waterproof performance is good, standard type can prevent low voltage water source flushing, special type can be directly washed with tap water

3. high sensitivity
(1) using high performance special design of detection and detection circuit, and with advanced digital signal processing algorithm, the actual test proved to reach the most advanced level in the world;
(2) for various testing products, it has automatic identification learning function, and it can overcome the influence of material effect to the maximum extent;
(3) the probe has been specially designed to further improve the detection sensitivity;
(4) a variety of anti interference measures to avoid interference from the environment, especially for frequency converter interference can be effectively suppressed, and improved detection sensitivity

4. good stability
(1) suitable for 24 hours continuous work;
(2) the equipment uses a variety of anti-interference techniques to eliminate false positives and omissions

5. exquisite timber, exquisite workmanship, strong structure, beautiful appearance, durable working life.
(1) the main structure is made of national standard SUS304, with good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning
(2) standard configuration uses Taiwan high quality motor, special occasion matching imported motor, reliable and durable;
(3) the electronic component adopts import standard industrial grade device, and the key component adopts military product standard. It has good stability, high temperature resistance and low temperature

Intelligent Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

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