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Fully Automatic Nespresso Dolce Gusto Lavazza Coffee Capsule Fillig And Sealing Machine

This is a fully automatic coffee capsule packaging machine for all kinds of coffee/milk powder capsules, for example: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza blue, Point, POD, K-cup, Kshot, One cup ...etc.
This machine is very welcomed by the customers from worldwide.
It is with stable working performance and reliable quality, it is a CE/UL approved machine.

  • Shanghai, China
  • 800PCS/Y
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • Standard Export Wooden Case
  • 1

Features and application

 this machine is made of food-grade materials

• reasonable power transmission with high strength and precision

• the machine has excellent stability and accuracy in batch packaging production, simple operation, and a light running rhythm

• high quality pneumatic components make the machine's air path stable operation, stable air pressure in the machine, uniform airflow, greatly avoid failure, thus greatly improving the production capacity, to ensure the service life of the machine.

• electrical components from the most famous brands, high quality assurance.

• capsule sorting machines and delivery systems greatly reduce labor costs;

• uv sterilization system provides a good production environment for capsule production;

• the electromagnetic fan solves the electrostatic problem in the powder packaging process to a large extent;

• the function of peristaltic pump drip filling device is reserved for adding liquid essence to capsules in the future;

• double strengthening of heat sealing.It eliminates the risk of defective products entering the market

• online weighing device will feed data to PLC in real time to identify and automatically eliminate defective products (optional);

• unloading and turnover device for the subsequent packaging, bagging or packing of capsules;

• automatically count the output of finished capsules;

• sealing system for wire coil film section: using high-precision fine-toothed cylindrical blade, online section sealing can be realized at the same time, with a sealing deviation of 0.1mm.Using the marking system, servo motor drive roll film expansion and drag, high precision.

• using a nitrogen-filled device, when the nitrogen source pressure and flow meet the conditions, the oxygen residue in the capsule is less than 2%, so that the fresh contents are sealed with high purity nitrogen;

• remote control system

• screw feeder and vacuum feeder can be configured according to customer's choice. 

This machine is made of food-grade materials

packing products

Milk powder



Filling type

Servo motor+ accurate auger

Filling accuracy


Filling range

0-8 g


Premade PET film


3 KW


AC220V/380   V, 50/60 HZ

Compressed air

P ≥6 Bar


800 Kg



Packing box

Wooden case

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