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Automatic Pharmaceutical Tablet Film Coater (BG series)

  • Shanghai, China
  • 600PCS/Y
  • L/C, T/T, Western Union
  • BG-10, 40, 80, 100, 150, 350
  • Non-Customized
  • New
  • 1 Year
  • Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine
  • Ss304
  • Siemens
  • 1-3PCS
  • Max. 350kg
  • Film Coating
  • syq
  • Standard
  • BG-10, 40.80, 150
  • Zhejiang
  • 84798990
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery
  • Tablet
  • High Precision
  • CE
  • 380V
  • Computerized
The machine is applied for coating the organic film, water soluble film and sugar. Put the tablet or pellet into the coating drum, the tablet or pellet unceasingly moves in the clean and hermetic rotating coating drum. In the movements, with the requests of reasonable process parameters, coating medium is automatically sprayed, at the same time, hot air is supplied under a negative pressure, which is vented out through the tablet or pellet layer from the bottom of the coating medium sprinkled on the tablet or pellet surface gets dried promptly and equally with forming a solid and smooth surface film.

Automatic Pharmaceutical Tablet Film Coater (BG series)

Automatic Pharmaceutical Tablet Film Coater (BG series)

Automatic Pharmaceutical Tablet Film Coater (BG series)

1. As required by the standard of GMP, the quantitative index instruction operation is applied as possible as it could in the medication production process.
2. Under the streamline diversion plate blender's effect, the prime pistil overturns fluently, exchanges frequently and excludes the collision phenomenon when the prime pistil falls from high, settles the fragment and knocked edge and enhances finished product ratio. Surface of the diversion plate is narrow and small with excluding adherence of dressing to its surface, saving the dressing and improving medication quality.
3. The peristaltic pump
With constant variable precludes return pope. The return radius of the drumvaries any time with pressure change, output and pulp spraying quantity automatically balance, which stabilize the atomization effect, simplify the atomization system, prevent spray gun clogging and save dressing, what's more, it is simple to clean and without any dead corner.
4. The spray guns are especially designed and manufactured for the coating machine, and the atomization is equal, the spraying is large and the universal adjustable nozzle is independent from loading volume.
5. Possess negative pressure display and control inside the coating boiler.
6. Possess supplied hot air's speed display and control
7. Possess spray gun anti-clogging function.
8. The above functions enables related technical parameters to realized quantitative display and control, the SOP operation method formulation turns feasible and uses quantitative index instruction for the operation, consistency of medication quality in every lot is guaranteed with totally in line with the GMP requirements.
9. This equipment has awarded the appraisal by provincial science and technology inspection department.
Type BG-10D BG-40D BG-80D BG-100D BG-150D
Production capacity 10kg/time 40kg/time 80kg/time 100kg /time 150kg /time
Diameter of coating drum Dia500mm Dia760mm Dia940mm Dia1050mm Dia1200mm
Diameter of feeding moth Dia300mm Dia340mm Dia380mm Dia420mm Dia480mm
Rotating speed of coating drum 2~20r/min
Electrical motor power of main body 0.55kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Electric motor power of air heater 0.37kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Electrical motor power of exhauster 0.75kw 2.2kw 3kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Air heater flow 816m3/h 1283m3/h 1685m3/h 2356m3/h 2356m3/h
Exhauster flow 1285m3/h 3517m3/h 5268m3/h 7419m3/h 7419m3/h
Main body noise <75db(A)
Air heater noise <75db(A)
Exhauster noise <75db(A)
Appearance size of main body 900X700X1400 1100X850X1470 1370X1050X1700 1450X1150X1900 1570X1260X2030
Main body weight 200kg 500kg 600kg 850kg 850kg
Appearance size of exhauster 750X600X1130 820×720×1750 900X820X1650 1000X900X1650 1000X900X1650
Exhauster weight 300kg 450kg 500kg 550kg 550kg


type with
Power supply Three- phase four- wire 3kw Three- phase four- wire 6kw Three- phase four- wire 9.5kw Three- phase four- wire 12kw Three- phase four- wire 13kw

Purify air
Pressure ≥0.4Mpa
Air consumption 0.2m3/min 0.5m3/min 0.35m3/min 0.45m3/min 0.5m3/min

Pressure ≥0.4Mpa
Air consumption 30kg/h 60kg/h 80kg/h 100kg/h 100kg/h
Water head Pressure ≥0.15Mpa
Cabliber 1"
Power supply Three- phase four- wire 10kw Three- phase four- wire 16kw Three- phase four- wire 20kw Three- phase four- wire 25kw Three- phase four- wire 25kw

Purify air
Pressure ≥0.4Mpa
Air consumption 0.2m3/min 0.2m3/min 0.35m3/min 0.5m3/min 0.5m3/min
Water head Pressure ≥0.15Mpa
Cabliber 1"

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